Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Various news today.

G'day Everyone.

Today's a various news bits today. So many interesting articles.

First, let me line up the batters:


The Dame has left the earth. Elizabeth Taylor is gone. We all knew that this day would come and it has. She has quietly left the stage. Farewell, my dame lady. May you find a peaceful passing in your life. Now, let the Estate fight begin!


Libya getting destroyed. Gadafi promises a long war which will most likely destroy his country completely before he gives up. What a sadistic man.

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Is it possible that President Obama is serving out Former President Bush's "wanna be third term" presidential decisions? It is a scary thought that President Bush is leading President Obama through his days as if Bush was in power. Will it become an impeachment for President Obama? Any thing is possible in the political climate of DC. Obama better start acting like a true president because is 2nd term has left long ago.


Let's face it. Face Book is booting out kids YOUNGER than 18. Even if you are a parent and want to give your kid some social media site exposure in their lives, I wouldn't recommend it. Face Book knows that there are stalkers, predators, and other types of people on their site. But with the rise of Internet bullying and outing some private gay people to the world, Face Book is trying to protect the younger generation.
Heck, I had some friend requests of those young generations. But my response: REPORT them and ask that they be booted from the site.
Because if you lie about your age, these kids and their parents could get prosecuted! So if I was a parent, I would want to protect my kids till the come to adult age. 18 may be the legal age of adult, driver's license, and many other responsible adult lives. But of course, the age of drinking (and some porn stuff) is still at the 21 years old. Many users, like myself, want Facebook to raise the age limit to 21 to protect the young tender adults. They're still learning new responsibility out there. Facebook and many other social media sites, are pretty much adult sites.
So if a kid asks me to be a friend, I will not accept. I'll just BOOT them away. The same should be done by other adult users as well.

That's all for the tidbit of news today.
Oh, by the way.. be sure to stop over at RSGeo007 blog site. Wear your abestos. He's posting about his opinions of the Westboro Baptist Church. Enjoy.

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