Thursday, March 24, 2011

WBC to protest at Elizabeth Tyalor's Funeral.

G'day Everyone.

Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is in the news again. While they're tweeting about her being in hell, they're going ahead to protest her funeral.
(note: AOL is showing about WBC on popeater and they were telling that WBC planned to PROTEST at her funeral)

While Taylor's funeral is jewish and it was CLOSED to only family and close friends, a more public service for her fans will happen.

But the question is: Will WBC actually be successful to do the protest?

I am concerned enough that some day and ONE day, someone is going to take a gun and blast those WBC idiots away to their own version of hell of their own making! Sadly to say, I do NOT advocate violence against WBC.

But you know, people do have a limit on what FREE SPEECH really is and how RESPECTFULLY to use it.
Even here I would choose to put an ANTI- Elizabeth Taylor post IF and I say.. IF I wanted to!

I won't! Elizabeth Taylor was someone everyone respected of. Even though she was warned in life of her own soul being in trouble with God, we all don't know the judgement that he would do on her by himself (By GOD that is through his son Jesus). Sure she had a messy life of her own making and her own choices. That was her choice to make.

But should the people at WBC cheer about it? NO. Even God has Sympathy for those going to hell and then the Lake of Fire. It is NOT an easy thing to watch a soul die twice. Especially if you are God, the creator.

As it is said "Let he with out SIN cast the first stone" (Jesus said). Unfortunately, mankind doesn't care and will stone someone (symbolically) through a lawsuit or prosecution of their own.

If you want to judge someone, Judge yourself first before you do it.
The idiots of WBC are going to need a LONG prayer service of REPENTANCE for themselves.
I can only say that if God chooses to give them mercy. Then He will.

IF not, Then we'll soon know enough for sure.

Rest in Peace, my dame lady. You will be missed from the stage. The next generation of actors and actresses have big shoes to fill and yours will never be filled.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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