Sunday, March 20, 2011

No Disaster weekend!

G'day Everyone!

Ok, I think I'm done howling at the moon for a long time. I heard from some of my friends that they've enjoyed the best moon rises in years in their area where it wasn't so cloudy. My area had CLOUDS, but it wasn't until an hour after moon rise did the skies dramatically part in a horror movie sort of a way and the moon shone so bright, clear, and huge like. Bring out the binoculars and you can see this WONDERFUL moon so close up, you can take time to study it! It was absolutely an excellent night. A few of my readers told me that they took advantage of it in a romantic way with their partners. I say good for them!

On the other side of things, we haven't had any new big super natural disasters lately across the globe as a result of the "super" moon. But, we do know that civil war is happening in Libya now as Libya not only fights the rebels that attempt to out gadhafi, but also fights against the International Community as well. As of the present time, there's a no-fly zone against Libya and Libya has promised a long war.

Japan is trying to stabilize their nuclear reactors and clean up from the Tsunami. But I fear, in my opinion, the reactors are a lost cause. Whatever happens, Japan is going to lose their nuclear reactors.

As we head into the work week, I hope it will be a good week. But by the way, when they say the job market is going to recover, I don't believe it until me and several other millions of people are employed and back to work as well. Keep watch and pray. Spring has just started.

till next post, clue you in later.

P.S. RSGeo-007 will have some HOT topics soon on the Westboro Baptist Church on his blog. Yes, facebook people have also launched a cause to STOP Westboro Baptist Church from protesting at military funerals despite their court victory a few weeks ago. To be honest (and opinion), these Westboro Baptist Church will keep on protesting until something seriously happens against them.

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