Monday, March 21, 2011

Run the race but HOLD the ambulance!

G'day Everyone.

I was amazed long time ago that when I was a manager on the Gallaudet Football team, I told a friend on the team (who was a QB back then) that I wanted to play football with them. His response? He said. " I don't think so. If you did, we'd have to have an ambulance at every game you play and we'd be afraid you'd keel over". Football means that you have to be very fit to do it. Players who weight 250 to 350 pound are weighed by their muscles, not body fat at the most. Or so I thought. So I was kind of this discouraged from playing.

Then came this part of news from Yahoo! news. Link:

When I read the article about this 400 pound man (COUNT THEM.. 400 pounds of PURE FAT!) that took part in the Los Angeles marathon race this past Sunday. You can hear a lot of people making jokes that this guy would finish DEAD last in the race and drop out long before he reached the finish line. You'd prolly know the race organizers prolly had the poor guy to sign a lot of documents to protect themselves if something happened to this very heavy man. (smart sense).

Guess what? Almost 10 hours later (9:48:52) this guy really did CROSSED the finish line and into the Guinness Worlds records as the most heaviest man to do it! All those people who made jokes? I'll bet you they dropped their jaws, apologized, and gave this man RESPECT he deserved to have! Way to go, Kelly G! SALUTE!

And yes, that sumo man is going to try to make a record in other sports! I'm going to wish him good fortune!

Don't be surprised if there's an ambulance and a team of paramedics ready to help him.

No matter how big or small we are, we have dreams to finish something of a sports competition.

Until next post, I'll clue you in later.

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