Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl weekend and Egypt's point of change.

G'day Everyone.

Well, it's super bowl Sunday time again! This coming Sunday, it's Pittsburgh Steelers that are going for their 7th Super Bowl ring win. The Steelers play against the Green Bay Packers. Yes, that's the damn cheese heads from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They're play for their 12th Super Bowl ring.

Gosh, is this going to be a game or what? It could be anything this time. This could get very nasty and very ugly. The game is in Dallas, Texas this year. Security will be overkill tight. So if you are going to the game there, be patient and be careful. Almost anything can happen. *God forbid it does*.

So officially, as the author of this blog, The Deaf Sherlock proudly wants the Pittsburgh Steelers to WIN over Green Bay Packers. Score: Pittsburgh 35- Green Bay 28. At least that's my prediction. And no, I'm not promising what I'd do if my Pittsburgh win or lose. I want to enjoy the game. :-)

Don't forget those outrageous Super Bowl commercial ads this year. Yes, for the first time, there will be some GAY advertisements during the Super Bowl. Outrageous? It depends on how the people will react to it. So who is it? I'm not saying what product it is. So I'm going to keep that under wraps. (unless you got FB friends who'll tell you what it is).

Meanwhile: Egypt is on the point of change right now. A massive civil war, in some type of way, has broken out and people are having PROs and CONs of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Some are saying that it's been too long since Egypt lived under the emergencies laws. Other people say that he's been a good "Pharaoh" for all these years. But the people yearn for freedom. Among the dead this week is a classmate I knew long ago. He had said that he plans to be at the 30th reunion. Unfortunately, he won't be able to now.

So should Hosni Mubarak be forced to go? Should Egypt change to freedom? Will the Egyptian Government go from bad to wnorse? The only thing I can say is for the people: They are suffering. In my honest opinion, it's time for Egypt to change for the better, not worse. If it goes worse, Egypt could fall down into a long civil war that has taken Lebanon forever to recover from. Let us hope common sense prevails more than gangs or guns.

till next post, clue you in later.

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