Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Dearly Departed show.

G'day Everyone.

Well, I have been kind of a "Star of the Show" in the Community Theater League play in my hometown called "The Dearly Departed" ( ).

So what's the show about? Well, here's the synopsis of the show so that you can see it since many of you are far away.
In the opening of the show, we find Raynell and Bud Turpin (that's me) at the breakfast table. I had just stormed in and angry slap down some letters on the table. Including a letter from my sister, Margarita. Margarita is a very devoted Christian lady. Kind of an egotistic woman who thinks her life is linked to God. Years ago, Raynell and I had grown up in church but after Ray-Bud and junior were born, Raynell went back to the church with my sister and got saved. That put a strain on the marriage of which Bud Turpin blames it on his sister in a very bad way. Raynell reads the letter from my sister. And of course, it starts the show into some comedy. A stroke is what I have that kills me.
For the rest of the show, the family struggles to bury me in this CHEAP funeral home. Junior's business and marriage is on the rocks in a very bad way (who wants a damn parking lot cleaned by a machine? NOBODY! I should have whipped him across the head)
Ray-Bud (the oldest) and his wife are ok, but Ray-Bud is the one who hates funerals and is going to be paying for the funeral (oh boy). Royce is Margarita's kid and is unemployed. He plays the devil child (cheers for Royce).
The play rolls into a slapstick southern comedy as the family struggles to bury me. It all comes out a happy funeral at the end.

However, it put a kind of reflection on my life lately. You see, I don't trust any one in my family to give me a proper burial/funeral that I want. That's why I've been looking for a partner/life mate that can fulfill my wishes for me when the time comes. That's why, you dear reader, should plan out your funeral. Make it reflect your life you've lived. Don't let any one, even your own family, to plan a funeral that doesn't reflect you.
Now I feel sorry for Raynell who finally learned to love when she lost Bud. Prolly finally realized that if she had been the right christian woman who loved her husband, she might have won him back to God. But Margarita will always be blamed for it. GO TO HELL, Margarita, for all I care (speaking as bud in character).

I also wish some of my family and friends came to the theater to watch me play. But sadly, almost nobody does. So, I'm making this my next to last show and then get ready to move to somewhere in the near future. Saying good-bye to this town will be the right idea. It's been a healing balm here in the mountains, but now it's time to leave and move on with my life. Where I go, I am not sure. But as Captain Picard would say "somewhere, that away, and engage!".

Till next post, I'll clue you in later!

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