Sunday, February 6, 2011

Questions abound the Super Bowl 45.

G'day Everyone.

The Super Bowl 45 has come out UGLY. So UGLY, that Pittsburgh Coach Mike Tomlim made the best call to his players: GET THE HELL OFF THE FIELD! He wasn't going to try to to shake the Green Bay Coach's hands. Not because of the Media Frenzy that surrounded the Green Bay players, but because Coach Mike Tomlin was livid. He was so angry, you could see it. Even when he was interviewed at the post game locker room (losers area), the reporter had to be careful of what he said because Tomlin was very livid and you could see it.
What words were spoken by Tomlin to his Steelers players, I am sure that they are not worth to repeat here.

If you are a Green Bay Fan here in PA, your very life may hang in balance if you wear it about the place. The entire state is either Phillies or Pittsburgh. Right now.. it's Pittsburgh state, so hide your Green Bay shirts and whatnot. You could get hurt or killed by it. Football season is now OVER in PA at the moment Pittsburgh lost.
Friends should not try to collect bets from friends. It would be the stupidest move to do. Instead, turn that friendly bet into something positive to keep the friendship going rather than trying to collect the money.

For now, Green Bay will savor the win for a while. But by the time the clock hits 12:01 am, it will be NFL Draft Season day that begins. Every NFL player who's had a bad 2010 season in their life can expect to hit the draft and expect to either go to another team or start looking for a job after football. I expect many Steelers will be on the Draft block this year. INCLUDING BIG BEN!!

For the NFL, it should start looking at the game time and ask themselves if they done the right thing? Because even before the game started, Green Bay looked like they already won before it began. Many injuries happened tonight including a DANGEROUS horse collar tackle that hurt both players and put them out of the game. Was it an honest sportsmanship game? NO. It wasn't at all.
Some of the Green Bay players looked like they hopped up on performance drugs that allowed them to hit harder tonight. Some hits looked very violent.
Should elementary, high school, college football come to an end if this keeps up? It might have to. too many people being hurt in the hopes of not only taking that player out, but helping their team to win. Perhaps, this is something that NFL must start looking at.

One last thing: Green Bay players better bump up their health insurance this year. Especially if they visit Pittsburgh. More players could have more career ending injuries. Next year, Green Bay may not be so fortunate to win all the games.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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