Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Super Bowl Fall out continues.

G'day Everyone.

It may look like I'm on a rampage about Super Bowl 45, but there's one news report I can't ignore.

oh holy taxpayer money batman! Nearly a 1/2 million bucks to do a Military jet flyover over a enclosed stadium in which only 400 people, those that didn't get a seat, outside and people inside would see it on TV? *sigh* I'm all for promotion of our armed forces. But doing a fly over a enclosed stadium shouts *TAXPAYER WASTE OF MONEY*! There are better ways to promote our armed forces. But in the days of bad economics, we should be ending the waste of taxpayer money and look for ways to IMPROVE our nation. Even improve our infrastructures too.

Let's hope the NFL realizes a host of problems it has. Maybe one season of a lock out would put a pause for a while on the football teams and the games. Just one season to step back and see what could be done for the 2012 season. Who knows?

But if I was leading the NFL, I'd want to look at what I done and how to improve the future and I'd start that.. today.

till next post, I'll clue you in.

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