Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If kids bang your door, call the cops.

G'day Everyone.

It's one of those moments in the winter time. Classic stuff. Kids coming to your door, ring the door bell, and then ask to shovel your driveway for some moolah (money). Classic, right?
4 kids, in an age range 8 to 14 years old were out in full snow suits and carrying shovels. They had tromped up to my door to ask to shovel my mom's drive way. On a whim, I decided to look around. "Let me think for a minute", I said. I looked around and saw a teenage boy using a cell phone. The cell phone was aimed at the house. Instantly, I felt this guy wasn't related to any of these kids.
My first question: "Do you have the Loyalsock township snow shovel license?". They said no.
Then I said "Then I'm sorry. You have to carry a license and show it upon request. Please get off the property before I call the police".
But I called the police any how. When I told them what was going on, they knew a break-in thief was in the making. Two patrol cars came to the area. The kids tried to scatter but we're told "REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE! YOU ARE SURROUNDED!" and they stayed put. The teen thief wasn't so lucky. He was caught and put in jail.
The police had confiscated the cell phone. They later told me that it showed every house that had nobody home. It was posted on FB to his buddies. They all got picked up as well and the posts taken down.
My mom was screaming at me "DON'T GET INVOLVED! I LIVE HERE TOO YOU KNOW!". Well, too late. Better to protect all of the neighborhood than to let one gang of thieves take advantage of the snow day.
For the poor kids that got picked up, they were hauled to the police department where their parents had to drive down to get them. Bet you they get a long lecture on safety.
While it's a winter time classic for kids to want to earn some money from neighbors by offering to shovel snow from the driveways, here is what I beg parents: Please go with your kids. Today's world is no longer than it was 10-20-30-40 years ago. It's no longer safe for a kid to go out alone and away from adult supervision. Also, there is a great chance that some of these homes may have a hidden sexual offender out there. There is no telling these days. I care more about the safety of kids. Adults also have a responsibility to supervise the kids so that no property gets damaged in an accidental way.
So bundle up. Stay warm. Stay safe.
Till next post, I'll clue you in!


mishkazena said...

How does that work? Using a cell phone to detect if nobody is at home or not?

Sherlock Steve said...

The teen crook was using kids as a way to see who's home and who's not. Then he'd take a picture of the house to send to his buddies when the kids found nobody home. The buddies would then hit the house and loot it quicky as they could do it.
Unfortunately, they didn't get a chance during the storm. Once the cops tracked them all down, they were kept under lock and key.
Their court hearing is next week. most of these will serve some time now.