Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another slow day.

G'day Everyone.

The news may be slow. Some times, the events of revolution drones on and that Libya is about to over throw Gadhafi completely. But Gadhafi might kill many of his citizens before he is killed himself. I have a concern that he's about to do that as to take one last attempt to retain control of his nation. But as his nation falls away from him, his rule could be at an end for sure. Time to go Gadhafi! Make sure the door hits your butt on the way out!

Meanwhile WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange was formally told in British court that he was going to be sent to Sweden. Link:
That's where Sweden wants to talk to him about the rape allegations.
However, that's NOT what Assange fears.

Assange really fears being sent to the USA or to any other country because of the once secret government documents that he published on his website. Just about every other government wants a hand over to have a word with him and then prosecute him for his crimes. If Assange comes here to USA, he will not have a chance to live the life he once has.

So while he extends his legal fight in England, let's hope that some day Assange starts to realize that he's in a world of trouble and only his death will end it all. Maybe some day, WikiLeaks will be permanently shut down and purged from the Internet.

Some times, the world doesn't need to know the crap of things that our governments do these days. But should one major WikiLeaks release of a very sensitive document and if it leads to a nuclear war exchange between nations, Julian Assange better hope for a quick death for him and his loyal companions because people will want to put him in pain for an awful long time.

Also, today is the last day for the Space Shuttle Discovery to blast off at 4:50PM EST. This will be a wonder day for it. Sadly, NASA admitted that they had poorly planned things and didn't think they'd need a replacement space shuttle down the road. Well, cest te la vie! It's happened. Life happens the way it is and NASA learns the hard way.

But let's hope for a great launch today and bid the astronauts for a safe flight!

Until next post, I'll clue you in later.

P.S. The RSG007 blog will be a bit behind on posting. but watch for exciting info to come. Going to be intersting.

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