Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smokers Beware IN NYC!

G'day everyone.

If you smoke outside in NYC, you may have to be careful WHERE you smoke right now. It could lead to an arrest! Link:

Just to say, where you smoke in a park, on a beach, boardwalks, and even in NYC Times Square, you could be told to put that butt out or face a fine. The worst that can happen is being arrested and escorted from the location.

Smoking bans are literally going up all over the place.

"What about walking and smoking?" you say. I think that could come up as well. Yesterday, I was walking behind a smoker who literally passed in front of me. That second hand smoke of her literally choked me as we headed to the state of PA labor and industry building. So when she got there and put her butt out. She looked at me still coughing as if I was play acting. I wasn't. So she scowled. My response?
Get into priest mode, hands in prayer. I pointed at her chest. Then made the sign of the cross. That made her concerned. Hopefully she'll take the hint next time that walking and smoking isn't doing her or anyone else good.

When I look at certain drivers in their cars on the roads with windows rolled up (just the driver's door cracked to expel the ash out from the cig), I pity them. Especially if they got young kids or teen passengers.

Cig smoking is one of the worst drugs in the history of mankind. It's passed around as a form of peer pressure in school that it's cool to smoke. Some of my hearing high school classmates tried to get me to smoke with them. One tried to hold me down and make me smoke. That got me so angry that I beat up some of my classmates so fast, I didn't realize what I've done. Nobody never tried to force me to smoke ever again. I won respect, yes. But the reason why I wouldn't smoke is because my parents smoked long ago. The stench was bad. Today, my mom is alive because she doesn't smoke. My dad wasn't lucky.

I'm fortunate enough in my life. But for smokers, if you want to live longer, do yourself a favor. QUIT SMOKING before you some how get linked to killing a human being out there.

till next post, I'll clue you in.

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