Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stupid Airline Fees!!

G'day Everyone!

The Airline Industry had better watch how they spend on things as they put "FEES" on just about everything on the plane. INCLUDING THE REST ROOMS! Could the Airline and the travel industry suffer from the lack of the traveling public in 2011? It could happen.


If the airline fees are not the only thing hitting the travelers, it's the TSA Security area as well. The traveling public, including many job seekers, does not need to have to bankrupt themselves (including going over the credit limits on certain credit cards) just to travel on the planes. But it seems the airlines just wants to do that in order to remain profitable.

But what happens if the traveling public turns to Amtrak and Bus lines (Greyhound and Trailways)? Should the airlines then be concerned of that "competition"? Well, that's their problem. Perhaps Amtrak and the Bus lines should THANK the airlines for their stupidity of their Fees. People will go where it's best and cheap.

I say Thanks to the TSA. Their overkill of security has already made me NOT want to fly. I'll be happy to drive, or take the bus, or take the train.

Best wishes to the airlines. Because if they all complain they can't PROFIT by 2012, then they better look at how they can win the traveling public back before 2014.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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