Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow again!/ Arizona shooting.

G'day Everyone.

Well, winter has finally arrived in PA for most of the state. However, all eyes are turned to NYC for round 2 of this snow storm. Link:

Lately, some newspapers and my friends in NYC have told me that NYC has OVER PREPARED for this coming storm. That can happen when NYC suffered their embarrassment from the fall out of the first storm. But will that mean improvements during this storm? I don't know. But some of my friends have taken their cars off the streets to protect them. One of them has a lawsuit on the city to force them to repair his car from the last storm. Let's hope NYC got it's act together now.

Meanwhile: there was a shooting of a Congressional person today in Arizona. Link:
What will this mean for most legal people who carry hidden guns? I will bet you that the reaction will be bad in the coming days. Please pray for Representative Giffords to make a positive healing. The gunman is in custody and I'm very sure he's going to get the death penalty in this case.

It's sad out in Arizona right now.

Stay tuned to CNN.

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Jim said...

Hey, if it snows in NY, why is
Al Gore saying there is Global
Warming? What Global Warming?