Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Balance of Power SHIFTS in DC.

G'day Everyone.

The time has ticked away to the moment when the Democrats could no longer hold on to the House in Congress. They were out of options. The Democrats know this will be a tough battle year. Especially with their power still firm in the Senate.
Perhaps the coming Spring Elections will sweep those in power out of office and put new people in place. But don't expect it to happen.


It was two years ago.. Boehner gave up speaker to Pelosi and watched the ramifications happen. Now when Pelosi hands it back to Boehner, don't expect Nancy Pelosi to go quietly. She's going to be very vocal about it.

What will the Republicans accomplish this year? One thing is this: Either repeal or IMPROVE Obama's health care. A lot of things will happen. But a divided government is not a good thing.

God help this nation in it's time of need. Pray for our country.

till next post, I'll clue you in soon.

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