Sunday, January 9, 2011

Concerns for the law abiding gun owners.

G'day Everyone.

Lately, the news reports on Rep. Giffords looks very grim as I watch CNN on TV. It gives you a lot of concern of what will happen in Congress on Monday Morning. The question is this: Will law abiding gun owners be stripped of their guns just because of two crazy people went out to kill people?
That is the question of the week.

Yes, anger has been building in this country upon our local, state, and congressional lawmakers. It's mostly aimed at people who are democrats, but it could be any political person. I do NOT advocate violence upon political people. I condemn the people who do things to kill other people. It may look like they went out to try to save the country, but it doesn't.
To save the country means to make use of the existing laws and the power of the voters. But, it may already be too late to save the country. The fire bell, which rang the sound till it shattered, has rung so hard long ago.
We are already living in a changed state of this nation.
As our lives become more complicated in these events, I fear of a coming martial law of our nation. It is just not good.

Today, we must all pray that Representative Giffords will survive and live. We must pray that the 2nd gunman will be caught and prosecuted. I would like both of these gunmen to face the death penalty and immediately be executed. To have an intent to hurt a political person is an intent to injure our nation with great harm.

Protect our freedom, my friends. Pray for our nation.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.


AlabamaTalk said...

Well, the 2nd amendment allows the public to bear arms... but technically, not to conceal a weapon.. and I think it's a very very stupid idea that students at University of Arizona be allowed to carry concealed weapons on the campus.. not just Arizona but everywhere else..

However guns and schools don't mix, in my book... I don't think that will solve anything... the best course of action is to eliminate dangerous malicious guns, such as the AR-15, M-16, and any semi-automatic weapons that can mass kill.. need to be destroyed and curb gun control laws to the strictest level never before implemented...

Guns do kill... and as for Representative Giffords.. I feel that Congress needs to hire their own private bodyguards at their own expense... Had Giffords had bodyguards... chances are she would not have been in this situation to begin with...

August said...

AlabamaTalk, what defines a "malicious gun?" Does it have an angry sneer? Does it have a brain which plans evil? Does it have a secret hideout and a bunch of evil henchmen? Could you enlighten us?

Can you explain to me how a gun can kill, while a baseball bat or knife requires human interaction? Oh, wait... Guns are inanimate objects. They don't kill. It requires an intelligence (often a feeble one, such as many gun control advocates) to make it fire.

Thanks for showing the world the views of the left-- any semi-automatic gun should be destroyed. What's next? Any gun that holds more than three rounds? I'm sure that will be the next class of firearms to go.