Friday, December 10, 2010

Visual Communication Access needed more!

G'day Everyone!

I came across a blog today about Visual Communication Access needed more!


When I go traveling to various place, I look for screens that show the printed word. Airports are ok.
Buses? Only as long as the driver turns on the light that communicates which street or intersection the bus is at. Buses like Grayhound and Trailways should take a clue to MODIFY their buses.
Amtrak? Oh please. Modify the train to improve announcement of the stations.
Subways? Depending on where you live, they do have some sort of announcement system. Rail cars could use an improvement.
Taxi cabs? Really needs a communication system that helps people.

Transportation systems across this nation have various ways to communicate of what's going on for people. But unscripted and unexpected announcements don't even meet the level of communication access for the deaf traveler. For example, when I was in DC I sat waiting for the train to get here. Every once in a while, some nerd in a booth has to yammer out an announcement. If you are near the Public Address (PA) system, you are ok to hear it clearly. But be some where else in the station and sound of that person's voice blabbers across the walls like some gooked up voice.

I'm hope that some day visual communication access in the transportation industry improves more for the deaf community. Perhaps that's our Christmas wish across the nation for everyone.

Just hope and pray.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later!


CCAC in Action said...

So happy to see this today! You used our blog - and added some good stuff Sherlock :-)

In the CACC Members group, we talk about those other forms of transport that need captioning too - as you mention - buses, trains, planes, more! Hope you join the CCAC - it's free- we'll be looking for you.
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CCAC in Action said...

We are happy to see your blog today Sherlock :-). In the CCAC members group, we have also been discussing the need for captions on so many forms of transport, as you mention too.
Join us soon - we'll be looking for you. The membership form is on our web, - free; ccac is all volunteers

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