Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cliff Lee RETURNS to Phillies

G'day Everyone!

A shock is ripping through the baseball world this morning as the news of Cliff Lee has re-joined the Philadelphia Phillies team again!
Link: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/joe_lemire/12/14/lee.to.phillies/index.html?eref=sihp&hpt=T2

Yes, it's a shock as everyone wakes up to the CNN news, blog news, web news (the poor monitors must be wet with coffee stains), and newspaper news that Cliff Lee turns down an offer from Texas and Yankees. Phillies had a slim snowball's chance to get Lee back. Lee came back! There is something about PA that you just can't leave and it stays with you.

With Lee coming home, the Phillies just might have improved their chances for the 2011 World Series. After all, the 2009 season was a disaster!
Do you remember that infamous Phillies Pitcher: "Who's your daddy now?" Pedro Martinez? Well, everyone still suspects that Pedro Martinez threw a world series game in order to be traded to the Yankees. He got his wish and then got dumped else where after that. Does old Pedro Martinez regret of what he did? Yep. Let's hope he just watches his TV and wishes he had just been BEANED OUT baseball.

With Cliff Lee coming home, the season appears bright for next year. However, it won't be the same with out Jason Werth. Jason Werth decided to jump ship and went to the Washington Nationals. The Nationals thinks they got a shot in the arm for next season. It may be their undoing because Jason Werth could prove to be Werthless (Worthless).

So what happens for the Yankees? My close friend thinks Cliff Lee is dumb to turn down the higher offer from the Yankees. I'll send him something for Christmas to calm him down. If you are thinking I'll send him a photo of Cliff Lee, no I'm not THAT BAD!! *grin* chuckle.

There may be many reasons why Cliff Lee came back to Phillies. Some of those reasons may never be disclosed. But let's respect him. Lee has had a long year of being else where since Ray Halliday came to the Phillies. Give him time to settle down and get ready for the Spring 2011 training. The Phillies and their fans should treat Lee's arrival back home as the greatest gift under the Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the week and bundle up!

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