Friday, December 3, 2010

The last First Friday of 2010

G'day Everyone.

Tonight should be a good last First Friday of the month celebration of 2010. Almost everyone kicks off the weekend on a First Friday of every month. Tonight will be no exception. So if your town has a First Friday bash some where, go to it and have fun.

BTW, this year of 2010 ends on..get this.. on the LAST FRIDAY of the year. Yes, the calender has humor as well. Start making your holiday plans!

Meanwhile: you know cross walk signal locations in every major city, right? Ever hope that God has a little humor with the weather and uses SNOW to short out a cross walk signal?

Gotta love humor in Technology. The Bronx Salute, aka flipping the Bird (or fuck you in sign language as we call it) has been outstanding. Though I wouldn't promote it, but you ought to know that God some times uses the weather to mess with us. Makes me wonder one thing. Do we definitely have trouble coming? Humm.. we should take as a warning.

The Winter season has started and yes, snow is coming around. Hang in there, dear friends, because if enough snow falls between now and Christmas, then Christmas should be a wonderful sight this year.

Till next post, I'll clue you later!

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