Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hurwitz at one year later.

NOTE: Today's post is an OPINION. Just an OPINION. thank you.

G'day Everyone.

Today, I will allow equal time, equal access for my rival, Ricky Taylor, AKA RIDOR, for his view on his take about Dr. Alan Hurwitz, President of Gallaudet. The opinions posted by Ridor are not supported by me. They are merely RIDOR's own opinion on his view of Dr. Hurwitz at one year.

Thank you for expressing your thought in that Vlog, Ridor. You are rough as usual. :-)

Now it's Sherlock's time for opinion.

This is the first year for Dr. Hurwitz now since he was selected by the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees (GUBOTs) in the fall of 2009. That's 3 years after the infamous 2nd protest. I have questioned the actions of the GUBOTs of why first picked Dr. Davila as their interim President and then later make him their next President and fully knowing he wants to stay retired?

Look at NTID. NTID did not choose an outside person to come in and be an interim president. No. NTID choose one of their own to be the interim president. But he did not want the title. He just wanted to help lead NTID while the NTID Presidential search went on. NTID had a good process. While it is regrettable that they choose another person on their staff to be their next president instead of bringing in a FRESH PERSON from the outside for new ideas and new directions, it is with hope that Dr. Buckley does guide NTID well and works well with the RIT Board of Trustees. I still extend those best wishes to Dr. Buckley.

Davila should not have been made the next president at all. Davila wasn't much of a leader to change the climate of GU and left Jordan's legacy in place. Except to say he tried to keep the campus motivated with "Team Gallaudet" which is now disbanded by Hurwitz. Kind of leaving the house in shambles till the real leader was hired.

I've been trying to find an article in the Rochester,NY Newspapers that wrote WHY Dr. Hurwitz finally say YES to GUBOTs when he's been saying NO to them after he was chased (more like harassed) by them for so long. If it comes out one day that the GUBOTs wanted Hurwitz in the first place,then why the set up of this whole "election" in place?

The other questions, I do have, is why would the GUBOTs want Dr. Hurwitz for their president when Dr. Hurwitz was so close to retirement from his job at RIT/NTID? Why should GUBOTs choose another NTID president to be their president as well? What happens in 4.5 years from now (or sooner) when Hurwitz retires (or something else happens to him) and would then, Dr. Buckley jump from NTID to GU next? I personally hope not! The GU PRESIDENT TITLE IS NOT A REVOLVING DOOR FOR NTID PRESIDENTS!

Dr. Hurwitz has finished his first year at GU right now. While it's not bright or stellar year, it's been questionable. I consider his time as his transition year from NTID to GU. I'm in hopes he learns the ropes of his job and quickly cleans up Gallaudet University's image from the days of Jordan and Davila. Hurwitz must realize that GU is GU and not like NTID. Hurwitz should not try to change GU into another campus like NTID. Gallaudet may be a liberal arts school, but add a little technical studies on the side, and it could be a better place. But Gallaudet will NEVER replace NTID. Nor should Hurwitz try to merge NTID with GU. (I hope Dr. Buckley opposes that and tells NTID will stay with RIT where it belongs!).

Hurwitz has a lot to do to improve Gallaudet University and to make it a place for Deaf and hard of hearing students want to come to learn. Hurwitz has to improve that students will get hired with a degree from Gallaudet University (despite the legacy of the 2006 protest).

At this point, Hurwitz has the next 4.5 years to make GU an institution that it deserves to be. Hurwitz must show he can lead this institution. But if Hurwitz can't and GUBOTs President Ben Soukup can, then Hurwitz should step down and demand Ben Soukup lead GU himself.

For a Christmas wish for Hurwitz ? Lead GU better and show that he is President of Gallaudet. Do what must be done Hurwitz. Don't fail us. If you fail us, The Gallaudet foundation just might crack more than it has under Jordan.

till next post, I'll clue you later. Thank you, ridor, for your post.

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