Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas wish: TRUE PEACE in Koreas!

G'day Everyone.

As John Lennon's song of Imagine: (link: ) says, I am really am wishing a dream for a nation of Korea. Ever since it split into North Korea and South Korea so long ago, they're technically at war and have been ever since. Lately, South Korea is about to start another military exercise to train themselves and have been doing civil defense emergency drills to train the population to seek shelter in the event of a military attack. North Korea says "STOP IT OR WE WILL REALLY ATTACK!". Just like a spoiled child North Korea really is.

My Christmas wish this year is for TRUE PEACE in Koreas. I know this may not ever be possible. But God has been known to do a miracle if it's within his power of plans. North Korea ought to, some day, look at themselves completely and realize that a communist nation isn't all that cracked to be and consider to become a democratic country that they should be. China, Russia, and Cuba may not like it at all. But this should be North Korea's choice.

However, if North Korea fires again on South Korea and begins another war that will involve the entire world, North Korea says that they'll able to destroy most of South Korea, they admit that they could be totally destroyed by the world itself. Is that the Legacy that North Korea Government wants to leave on it's poor and devastated people? It's very possible.

I ask that God have mercy on many people in the Koreas this year. If you are an American citizen reading this in the Koreas area, get out while you still can please.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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