Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks forces the world to a political storm!

G'day Everyone.

There is one website I really hate and I want it's owner personally put into the deepest, darkest, worst prison cell in the United States of America. What WikiLeaks has done has embarrassed our nation before the world. The WikiLeaks owner is already under the threat of arrest, death threats, and other wishes of crimes by thousands of people.

If this owner is ever caught, hauled before a judge, and made to sit before a trial, that person is going to have trouble to find a lawyer who'll even defend him. Problem is, that person will most likely face not only just a Federal trial, but a military trial as well. Further problem, there's no way he can be found "not guilty" because he is already GUILTY for posting our nation's big secrets out for the world to see. What's the possible sentence other than GUILTY? For one thing, since it involves military and Government secrets, you may think this person will spend thousands of years in Prison, right? WRONG! Most likely a combined Federal and Military court will set an immediate DEATH SENTENCE on this WikiLeaks website owner. Even if that person thinks he/she is "safe" in another non-deportation country, he/she better be looking over his/her shoulders every 10 seconds of their lives.

In truth, WikiLeaks has harmed our country, put our military in danger, and makes our partner nation mistrust the United States. I ask our government to take WikiLeaks down completely. Not just for violations of free speech, but for exposing our nation in which we and the world do not want to see what is happening in our own government politically. For every death of American citizen and Military personnel that becomes a direct cause of WikiLeaks, I want to lay that death at that website owner.

Some day when the owner WikiLeaks dies, that person will see everything that he/she has done to the world. It won't be pretty. Enter to heaven? Not a chance. The WikiLeaks owner will go straight to hell. Why? Betrayal of America and the World in the name of Free Speech that he/she has abused.

Once the government takes over WikiLeaks, we can breath easy. But at the present, Pray for every American citizen and Military personnel out there. May God protect them.

Till next post, I'll clue you later!

P.S. If WikiLeaks causes North Korea to fire on our ships, it'll be an automatic death for he/she to happen. Let's hope North Korea pays some serious restraint!

P.S.S. I also agree with some people I'm hearing out there. WikiLeaks ought to be labled and shut down as if it was a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION! SHAME ON YOU, WikiLeaks!

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