Sunday, November 28, 2010

Doctors leaving medicare patients out in the weather.

G'day Everyone.

When I read Jamie Berke's post on about the doctors leaving the medicare program, I knew I had to write something.


It's not just the deaf people in danger of their doctors dropping them because of their medicare insurance status, it's also the elderly patients as well out there.

In some sense of comfort to those that depend on Social Security Income for support, medicare/medicaid has been a wonderful program to some people. But, it does NOT pay for all procedures or tests that doctors order. What medicare/medicaid doesn't pay, we have to pay.

The hospital industry is in this business to be profitable. Why? They stand to make a lot of money along with the drug companies too. But when care and compassion are not compatible with less income and less insurance patients out there, it becomes a problem for everyone.

Lately, when the illegal immigrants have been getting FREE MEDICAL SUPPORT at the cost of taxpayers, it should be said this: THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS! Yes, it is outrageous. But when states are held back from clamping down on these freeloaders by the Federal Government, who gets to become the victim of cutbacks?

Doctors and the true medicare/medicaid patients.

So now we are in a fight on all sides. Doctors face a hard choice of ethics. That's either cutting someone who's on medicaid/medicare or worse poor vs to cutting someone who's got the best medical insurance that WILL PAY for their bills.

IF the government cuts medicare/medicaid doctors from their rolls and the cuts fall to us patients, how do we survive? Don't ask me!

If you haven't seen what a hospital bill can do to your financial future, I can only sum it up in ONE WORD: Devastation! A hospital bill is an instant poor house of heavy debt to any person.

Obamacare, President Obama's health care act is suppose to help all Americans out there and make sure they get good insurance. But when you look at it closely, it's not that great either.

Let's fight for our doctors who've taken care of us. Prevent the medicare/medicaid cuts. Yes, President Obama has mis-managed the budget of the government. But if the next 18 months does not improve for America, economically, Obama could lose his 2nd term and the Democrats could lose the senate as well.

Let's help to save medicare/medicaid program. Contact your representatives and senators in congress and tell them help us and support social security as much as possible.

Till next post, I'll clue you later!

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Jim said...

In my opinion, the Hospital and
the Doctors are waiting for the
Health Care Reform to come so
that the Government can make
decision for what people can get
covered for. The Government will
then decide who get what they
deserve or let the patient dies.
Sadly, the Government wants to
kill Medicare/Medicad coverage
and replace it with Health Care
Reform. They think it will save
Government money but instead we
will be paying high taxes to
cover everyone else. I wish
Health Care Reform was not
pass so the Government can
keep the Medicare/Medicad
going for everyone needs.
So now it is a sad affair
thanks to President Obama.