Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2010

G'day Everyone.

I hope everyone has enjoyed Turkey day and Black Friday. The opt out of the scanners day on Wednesday's protest kind of failed (everyone expected it to fail).

The weather has thrown most of Thanksgiving travel into a mess, it has given away to a rather nice day of Black Friday in most places. Yet, winter has arrived this year and right on time. Either Thanksgiving day or after it.

Last night, I went out with my sister to the movies (Harry Potter). One young kid kept checking his cell phone during the whole movie. I decided to follow him when the movie was over and then invited him to the box office. The poor kid was shocked to read the ZERO TOLERANCE sign. In bold letters: CELL PHONE BAN ZONE: ZERO TOLERANCE! When I told the manager and police officer, the kid tried to deny it. I told him to show them if the phone was off. He had no choice. It was on. Mine was off. Caught red handed, he had his picture taken and posted on the banned 6 months list from the property. Some times complaining about people using their cell phones at the theater does help. Because after that, management finally started to have their employees and guards to police the theater. Finally working and I was able to view a 2nd show of Harry Potter cell phone obstruction free.

So I tell you, turn off your sidekicks and cell phones. You will get caught using them. Some of these employees use night vision technology to see in the dark and you will be told "come with me" to be put on the ban list. I not kidding!

Also late last night, I saw a number of people camping out for black Friday sales. Toys 'R' Us? They were having a long line of a crowd and having a TOY WAR sales. *shudder*.. Don't want to be among the mob.

But, I decided not to go on the black Friday sales today. Call it a feeling. There are some of us that are watching this world these days. North Korea is about to resume it's military war upon South Korea. If the shooting happens again, we could have a major world war 3 before Christmas happens. If it does, God help us. North Korea will NOT survive and China will end up with an egg on it's face for ages to come. Only God can help stop North Korea and change it to become a democratic nation and bring unity to make North Korea and South Korea to become ONE NATION: Korea! Just pray it does become Korea some day.

So enjoy this weekend.

Clue you later!

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Jim said...

I had a nice Thanksgiving with
my mother, my brother and our
family. When Black Friday came,
it was a first time experience
for my family and me going shopping
for Winter coats that we needed
badly. We got a lot of good deals
and saved a lot of money buying
the coats mostly at JC Penneys. We
saved over two hundred dollars
as well. I can understand Black
Friday can be the worst day to
shop with the crowd. It takes
guts and patients to do that.

As for North Korean, let them
bring on the War. I am sure
Russia and China will slapped
them really bad. I don't think
Russia wants a World War 3 and
probably want to let South
Korea be alone. South Korea did
not do anything to provoke the
North for the war. If it happens,
I would let it happen because I
have Faith in God because God is
in charge of everything thing.