Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joe Paterno's Decisions

G'day Everyone.

I have been busy late with life. So I'll fill you in shortly. But this post is for PSU's Joe Paterno as I'm wanting to directly talk to him.

Last Saturday, Joe Paterno and his team finally overcame the University of Indiana at FedEx Field in Washington, DC. It took a game changer to do it. But luck and fate rarely work often together at the same time.

Then everyone had hopes that Joe would decide to retire on a high note of his career (401 wins...and counting) despite he has one year left on his contract with PSU. Recently this week, Joe Paterno squashed those reports (including mine) and firmly said that he was coming back for another coaching year at PSU despite he will turn 84 years old soon.

Sadly, the entire PSU universe must prepare for a shock to their systems one day. If Joe Paterno were to die on that field during a football game, Penn State's life would grind to a terminal HALT for a while so we could all take time to mourn for him who didn't know when to quit.

Joe Paterno has often been given signs by God of when to quit the college football game. If he's ignoring God at his own peril, then he's being very foolish. Already some of his decisions have been questioned by many people out there. PSU staff better watch Paterno very carefully if he's got signs of dementia. PSU can't afford an embarrassment in their program right now. Remember Bobby Bowden? That should have been Paterno's warning sign of when to get out of the job. He ignored that too.

Presently, all fans and anti-paterno fans will be watching PSU this coming Saturday as the final home game happens in Happy Valley. Penn State University Nittany Lions (7-4) will face Michigan State Spartans (10-1) at 12 noon.

But let me say this for the record. PSU has only one chance to win against Michigan State and spoil Michigan State's season completely. The Nittany Lions are the underdog in this match up. Does it mean PSU will win game #402? Rest assured to say, it will require Joe Paterno to prove that he is still intelligent and has instilled descipline into his team before this game. If he hasn't, it should be another sign for him to step down soon as possible. Forget that he's got one year left. PSU needs to go into a new era soon as possible.

Before you start thinking a minor or major bowl game this holiday season for PSU, it won't matter since it was not going to be a national bowl game after the week 3 loss this season.

Watch this game this Saturday. The final home game will put PSU's future on the wall. Win or not, it's the off-season that will question how Paterno does.

Till next time.. clue you around.

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