Wednesday, November 17, 2010


G'day Everyone.

Jimmy Kimmel is right! Look at what he said! Link:

and 10 reasons why you should UNFRIEND someone: Link:

and I'll go much farther than what Jimmy Kimmel said today.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Please don't friend people you haven't PHYSICALLY meet in real life. Chances are near zero you will never ever encounter these "friends" on the street at any time in your life.

Second, some times having too many friends spells a lot of "PERSONAL DANGER" for you. I've seen some friends on my list that have a friend list of more than 300, 400, and at some point more than 2,ooo 'friends'. A social media site shouldn't be your personal popularity social site. But it spells a lot of concern.

Ask yourself a question: "What if you want a personal relationship with someone you want to love, off the social media site? How do you think your so called 'friends' will react if you tell them you are gay or straight ?". Well, let me tell you something. Don't let your family, friends, your church friends, work friends, or your entire popularity of friends STOP YOU from having the personal life you want with someone you really love.

In fact, be who you want to be personally! Don't try to live up to someone else's expectation of your life. LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT right now to let your life be controlled by others. You have the right to enjoy your personal life. Be who you choose to be.

In other words: choose carefully of who you want on your friend lists. You may want to limit your family members from seeing of what you post. Some family members and friends can take it pretty personal on the social media sites.

Want to prevent conflicts at work and your church ministry? Then don't friend people from there. It's not worth the time and effort. These people can be potential instant enemies of your life if you rub them the wrong way with your personal life/posts. People from work should be left right at the inside door of the office. People from the church ministry should be left right at the inside door of the church as well. If you need to communicate with these office and church co-workers, there's yahoo, AIM, and other instant messengers to use for that purpose.

More over, many of the social media sites are still dealing with a hacker that is going around and making a clone of that person to steal people off the friend lists. It's just not good.

Lately, since I came out some time ago, I've seen my own "popularity" among my friend list drop some what. But you know, having some long time friends is what makes up my social list pretty strong.

Some times, not every friend should be kept in touch via a social media site. The next best thing? Web cam, VP, and the instant messengers as well as text yapping are the best things to do.

So please.. today may be National "UNFRIEND" day on Facebook, but it more of taking control of your friend list day. Evaluate who you have friended on Facebook. Pare down your list. Then, you'll be much happier.

Hell, if you de-friend me, should I care? Only if you tell me.

Friends should be there for you when you need them in your life. But friends who are not there for you are stupid nerds looking out for themselves.

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