Monday, November 15, 2010

Flying This Holiday Season? Prepare for alternatives.

G'day Everyone.

The Holiday Travel Season is here. As more people get ready to go visiting to various places, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is making things more difficult for people to get from here to there. Here is one example where TSA is flexing it's full authority on a traveler:

Video on :

Now I'm proud of John Tyner to protect his body from a "pat down" that touches his private area (not to mention his ass too). But, getting thrown out of an airport and hit with a $10,000 "fine"? That just lites a virtual firestorm out there. With more "body scans" being mandatory, I have a serious question. Are the TSA able to work with the Deaf and disabled community out there? Me thinks one word. NO!

Ever since TSA was created in the days after 9/11, they've become so strict, it's like an armed camp in the airport security area. Tension is always present in the area.

So, now I hope John Tyner gets his lawsuit and hopefully something good will come out of this.
But if you are traveling his holiday season, check out your local airport before you decide to get an airline ticket. Chances are, you will have to go through a body scan or pat down.
Don't like body scan or Pat down? Go with the Bus lines and Amtrak. I'm sure Amtrak will be more than happy to put everyone on the train and get them from place to place.

In just checking with CNN.. I learned two things:
I hear TSA is fighting back already. Interesting! Link:

Which means, they're trying to make good PR right now. I think it just got too late.
another man just posted this: National OPT-OUT DAY. Link:
It means: Opt out of the body scans and go for the pat-downs in FULL PUBLIC VIEW.

So, make your travel plans and choose wisely. If it was me, I'd go AMTRAK!

Have a safe trip this holiday season.

Clues for you later!

update: CNN just released the TSA's response to the on-going situation and here's what they said:

Sadly to say, I kind of knew this tight fisted control was going to happen as a result of 9/11/01. For many years, passengers wanted these restrictions eased out there. But instead of a better security, it gets worse. If you have traveling alternatives in your city, take them. Ground transportation may be longer, but in the long run, it's less stress.

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