Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Pastor comes out.

G'day Everyone.

In almost every church, the entire discussion revolved around about a Pastor, who decided to come out rather than staying in the closet.

Link: http://www.aolnews.com/nation/article/torn-by-bullying-suicides-mega-church-pastor-jim-swilley-says-hes-gay/19717048?icid=main%7Caim%7Cdl1%7Csec4_lnk1%7C184381

I'm kind of sad. How many young adults were forced into the ministry by their parents or peers? How many are living a secret desire of being gay while trying to follow the "rules of the ministry"? To put on the mask of a straight face while denying the truth of the person of who you are before other people.

I have experienced this when I was in the Baptist ministry. Being forced out rather than being asked to leave is more of a discrimination. But, I take it as my freedom from the oppressive Baptist religion.

What will it take for organized church ministry to respect the gay community? The word of God is one thing. But learning one of their own is gay is something else.

At the same time, what will it take to stop the bullies from killing off people in the gay community? Perhaps the application of the Federal gay hate crimes laws along with murder charges that becomes a very real threat of ending up in prison for a long time for many of the bullies.

The age of the bully is over out there. Let's get the message out CLEAR AND LOUD. Bullies will be arrested, punished, and made an example to other would-be bullies. Respect is the word of the day.

Clues for you later!

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