Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crime Does NOT pay Sunday!

G'day Everyone.

Interesting tidbits in the news today as I surfed the area.

Two bits of articles popped up.

Bernie Madoff's items went on the block and got sold away: Link:

Just one thing to mention, prepare a poor man's grave for Bernie Madoff one day. Because or later, Bernie Madoff will be ready for it. I pity the poor fella.

Meanwhile, that crazy and cute kid is back! Link:

Colton "Colt" Harris-Moore, the young kid who wreaked crime just about everywhere in his bare feet, is just another step closer to entering a long trial. It'll be interesting if Colt can survive the prison as he's survived out there on his own in the wilderness. Good luck, colt!

Just remember folks: Crime doesn't pay. Criminals ought to be in fear because some day they will be caught!

Till next time, there'll always be cases.

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