Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aftermath of Elections 2010

G"day Everyone.

President Obama has to be doing half cartwheels this morning. He has a divided congress!

Republicans took control of the House in which Nancy Pelsoi and Harry Reid just barely held on their political lives, but they will NOT be in control of the house ever again. The Democrats barely held on to the Senate. So then let the political feuds begin.

No President of USA wants to see a divided congress. But this is the price he gets when his party goes all out to try to retain control and only gets a half deal. BUT people ought to remember one thing, it's not over till all the absentee ballots are counted as well. (that is to say.. the rest of us FAT people (even me) get to sing!)

In PA, we finally have a NEW governor that is going to tell the to-be-former Governor Ed Rendell this: Pack your damn bags and get the hell out of PA! People voted clearly. Rendell's days are done. He knows it and he'll be gone soon. So please welcome: Governor-to-be : Tom Corbett! Yes, folks, he's a republican too.
Hopefully, PA's future will look brighter now.

In New York, the gas taxes are going to be back! New York people were warned by many bloggers and vloggers that history could repeat itself. If they didn't learn from the father: Mario Cuomo back in the 1980s, then they are in for a painful repeat lessons of history. The New Governor of New York State: Andrew Cuomo! May God have mercy on the people of New York. My message to New York people: FLEE THE STATE WHILE YOU STILL DAMN CAN BEFORE IT'S TOO DAMN LATE! Change your jobs and get transferred. NOW!!

Andrew Cuomo is taking on the most personal challenge of his life: trying to make a change of his father's tax and spend ways in the state's history. But Andrew is also sitting in the most dangerous and political minefield of all places. After hearing what's happened with the previous governors of NYS, does he have any choice? Nope. He could have walked away and kept a safe political life. I fear that Andrew Cuomo will hurt his family's name more than himself. So for the next few years, I will be watching this man closely. (as many of his political challengers as well). I personally don't think Andrew Cuomo can save the state economically after his father and many others, have destroyed it with bad budgets and scandals these many years. But people say: Watch us now! We'll bounce back. Yeah, right. If it really gets better in 2012, I'll kiss a guy in Central Park in June 2012!

The next few days will be calm for a while. People have to solve and repair their friendships. The mud slinging has to be cleaned up. Political parties will be fighting for the next few years. Of course, there will be fines to be paid for Sunday's massive robo-callers. Especially if they hit the DO-NOT-CALL list too often.

I'm even surprised that a few decided to try to reach the deaf voters by Videophone as well. It think that's the most under used technology of all by political people. How many used Skype? In the next two years, it'll be clear how the Internet gets used with Videophones and web cam calling.
We could even see political ads be more used on Internet TV as well.

Today begins the next two years for President Obama. It will be his last opportunity to make his legacy better as well as to show he can lead this country. If he doesn't, 2012 will not be a pretty political year either.

Semper FI.

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