Monday, November 1, 2010

Elections 2010

G'day Everyone.

In less than 48 hours, the Nation of United States will make their fate known about which way we will politically go.
At the present: Democrats are enjoying their last full day in power. My phone got taken off the hook this AM in which robot callers are trying to squeeze in one last mud slinging stuff to try to convince me to vote for "their" candidate. Unfortunately, they're too late. Most people have already decided who they will vote for.

Tomorrow: Judgement day begin. I'm in hopes for an 80 percent fall out of incumbents from political office and 100 percent new candidate filling in political office. Will it happen? Will it work? Will it be worth it all? We won't know till November 3rd. At the most, the republicans will take back power. Obama's term could get cut short. Who knows? But only one thing I desire to see happen. Reid and Pelosi will be kicked out of office for sure. McCain? Only a maverick will try to survive his best for a short time. But his end will come for him for sure.

Do your homework today and be prepared tomorrow. Let's make some good choices. Hope for the best for our nation.

Semper FI

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