Monday, October 11, 2010

The political war has begun.

G'day Everyone.

Happy Columbus day. Here it is: the political mud war has begun. This is when candidates begin the next few weeks of attacking each other. Democrats have already circled the wagons and prepping for the voter backlash. Anger and resentment is already building among the voters.

But what really disappoints me is how a NY Governor candidate has handled the gay issue.
for those that can't access the AOL news,

I almost wanted to support Paladino against Cuomo. But once these "remarks against gays" came out, I knew Paladino's own candidate status was already doomed. So who's better to run against Cuomo this year? I hate to say it but Cuomo is already slated to win this year. Paladino should have just said two things: Apologize to the gay community and shut right up if he can't respect any human being regardless of their sexual orientation.

This is what the political mud war will bring for the election season 2010. From now till election day, some candidates will be compromised. Others will be tarnished, but survive. But just how many will get past the voters for the office? That's a question that won't be answered till after everything is said and done in the day after.

May God help the candidates choose their words carefully to convince the voters that they're the right ones for the office.

Semper FI.

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