Wednesday, October 6, 2010

May God Judge the Baptist Church.

G'day Everyone.

This month has been a bad month for the Gay community out there. Gay people are getting beaten up, harassed, and picked on so much, that young men and woman that are gay and lesbian are choosing death rather than going to the law and parents and reporting these bullies out there.

So far, Prosecutors in the Rutgers case are looking at more charges and eventually will file them as possible. It's not that straight people out gay people. Gay people have a right to be out when they want to come out. Their lives are private as straight people's lives are.

However, like those two rutgers students, they could belong to the baptist ministry. Why? The Baptist ministry has a history of coming out and against the gay community.

Just look at the Westboro Baptist Church's recent appearance at the high court! They say and argue that FREE SPEECH on the SIN of our country is MORE IMPORTANT than allowing military family being in peace to cry for their children. Is Westboro Baptist Church sorry for it? NO THEY ARE NOT!


Another blog on Fred Phillips:

Lately, A pastor of a Baptist church in Atlanta, Georgia first says he comes out against the gay community after being caught in a affair with several young men. He first says he will fight the charges that are against him. But finally, his lawyer says.. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" which further demonstrates that he's in trouble all right. This will be an interesting court fight.

Another fact lately: A person who works for the Michigan Attorney General used a blog to fight an openly Gay Student Body President at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor area. This poor fella is now on personal leave, but will he still have a job when he comes back? Me thinks that he's getting some intense counseling from his Baptist pastor. I'll wish the poor guy some luck to have his resume ready.

Lastly.. I've had my own share of run-ins with Baptist pastors. I know one person that personally destroyed my dreams of being married to a woman who was a former Lesbian. In fact I had 3 women that wanted to marry me. Who knows what God could have done for me if I had gotten married. I told this pastor that it wasn't his job to stop God's plans for me. All he said was.. "OOOPS!". I told him.. "see ya at the judgement seat, fella, where you can fully explain more".

My last run-in with one baptist pastor that OUTED me in one moment at a conference meeting room full of Pastors, Evangelists, and Missionaries. I was never so shocked in my entire life. But you know what? When I left that conference, I told that pastor that he could take his ministry and SHOVE IT! I also told him that almost any church in the world, not just the baptist ministry alone, has GAY and LESBIAN people in every church! They won't tell their pastor, but they are there! So why out me? Because he didn't like me being well liked and popular. So that was his own problem. I told him he can explain all of his own excuses to God as well.

So why does the Baptist ministry hates the gay and lesbian community? If we're not compatible with you, then do yourselves a favor, baptist churches, just leave us alone and we'll leave you alone. Simple as that.

One other thing: Rev. Fred Phelps had better hope that none his family members will not die between now and the rapture. WHY? Because the gay and anti-westboro baptist church crowd are angry enough and ready to protest at the next funeral and give Rev. Fred Phelps a good taste of his own medicine. Perhaps, Rev. Phelps needs to experience that so he can see the reaction that he has on many people. Is Rev. Phelps ready? I think so. God willing he'll have to endure his own making.

Semper FI.

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