Monday, October 11, 2010

National Coming Out Day.

G'day Everyone.

Believe it or not. October 11th is National Coming Out day. It's a day when we come out and say we're either Gay, Straight, Bi, Lesbian, or transgendered.


I'm hope and pray for many people to come out SAFELY. Why?

Because of the recent spate of bullying on kids and students (high school and college) killing themselves after being harassed for their sexuality and forced coming out. Not only these bullies made sure their victims would die painfully, but hoped that their secret of being a bully would stay under wraps. But no, it won't. People are fighting back. They're telling those in POWER of who's bully on the victims. They're taking a stand as well. We have to make sure bullies get punished right back for their foul and murderous deeds.

A long time ago, I was bullied in the deaf ministry because I was bi-sexual back then. I was denied my dream of marriage. I was denied my relationship with my first partner. Some of us fought back against our bully, the deaf pastor, and we found charges of unprofessional misconduct that finally got him out of the position of power.

When I was at another college, just before I went being gay, another deaf pastor harassed me because of my sexuality. I wasn't a member of his church. But when he outed me at a deaf conference (I later quit that conference), I decided to file religious harassment with the college because his ministry was on the campus. The college feared more of a possible lawsuit so they told the deaf pastor to either join the staff in order to defend himself or have his ministry tossed off the campus. The deaf pastor took the option of moving his ministry permanently off campus. I went gay after that.

The process of coming out for myself has been a slow one. Not everyone is able to come right out of closet. But, it's dealing with religious, friends, and family in that order. Not everyone accepts some one coming out and being who they sexually want to be. Not everyone accepts me either. But it's my life and my decision.

You know what? It's no body's business but your own. It's your body, your life. You accept who you want to be.
Bi-sexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, or plain old straight. And if you have a same sex partner that makes you happy in your life, then you ought to be thankful for that person.

Nobody has the right to abuse you. Nobody in authority (pastor, teacher, parent) has the right to tell you what you can't be. Nobody can't change you to what you should be in the view of others.

And if someone outs you to others before your are ready to come out yourself, tell them that you can file harassment charges against them. (which is what I found out I can do to that deaf pastor and have). Nobody has the right to out you for any reason when you are not yet ready.

It's your life. What you want to be sexually is your decision. Nobody else's decision. Just yours.

So if you want to come out today, do it for yourself. Feel comfortable with your self.

Best wishes on National Coming Out Day 2010.

Semper FI.

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MM said...

Why would 'straight' people need to come out ?