Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phillies Fall, Giants now in trouble!

G'day Everyone.

It wasn't long after Texas Rangers defeated the New York Yankees this last week. Texas suffered some massive rain storms that really soaked their state. They also got hit with hail and a possible tornado. Perhaps after last night's game, after the San Francisco Giants had once more slipped into dishonorable cheating game mode by plate crowding and Juan Uribe's fatal shot of the ball ( after he crowded the plate and attempted to strike the catcher again) to win their dishonorable pennant, all of San Francisco is right now being prepared for a natural disaster of their own. Perhaps, that's justice to punish them.

Seriously to say, it was the umpire that made a wrong and blown call at the full count. Anyone from our side of the plate could see the baseball was too low! It was clearly too low! As I watched the catcher catch the ball. I expected the umpire to call a walk. Guess what? It was a full 3 seconds before the umpire stupidly reacted. That when he said "STRIKE" and the Giants went nuts. The entire stadium stood in disbelief and then yelled at the umpires. Police were on the field fast as possible.

I'll bet you right now that the poor home plate umpire has just been sitting at the bar, watching the ESPN sports news and sees his image on the screen. That'll be the moment he'll go: "My God, I got the WRONG CALL!". Know what, umpire buddy? You do need better glasses. And you had two other umpires who should have stepped in and told you that your call was wrong. It was a mess made in Philadelphia and clearly shown that the game was thrown by the umpire(s) in favor of the Giants. So, what happens to you, buddy? You better quit your umpire job in baseball for the reasons of health and rabid philly phans. Plenty of enemies out there now for you to deal with.

Now if a earthquake strikes San Francisco this week, that'll be justice for the phillies to cheer. Enough to warn baseball teams that cheating ways are not going to be put up with by God and mother nature.

Do I care about baseball and the world series now? Hell no. After seeing Major League Baseball (MLB) suffer another black eye mistake by the umpires and should have been reviewed, I'm not interested in the game at all.

But come next season: Texas needs to walk carefully in New York City. San Francisco needs to try to apologize to the people of Philadelphia and walk carefully too in the "city of brotherly love". Most of all: Umpires need to be monitored by TV reviews to insure the calls are done right.

It's going to be a long winter for the MLB teams to figure out why they had a bad season. Most likely they won't have to look for a reason: Umpires. They may be human. They may be mistake prone. But one thing is, if their calls are not verified by the other umpires in the field who watching across the home plate as well, then this national past time could be a fragile game once more. Especially prone to umpires who throw games in favor of the team they want to win. That could be a bad idea. Even for the MLB commissioner.

My friend said it best: May the World series just finishes in 4 games so that we can all get back to being friends again out there. I told him: only if it's played honorable.

Semper FI.

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