Monday, October 25, 2010

New Jersey makes a new ANTI-Bully law!

G'day Everyone.

The two former Rutgers University students charged in the death of their gay classmate should have a more reason to fear at their next court appearance. The State of New Jersey is making a new ANTI-Bully law that will cover all schools and colleges and make it clear that they will not put up with students who bully students.

The only thing is that I wish they would extend it to religious ministries so that people could be protected from being bullied by their pastor and lay ministers. It's a very important law.

Sadly to say, even if the new anti-bully bill of rights passes in New Jersey, the two former Rutgers students will not face it. But it should give them great pause in their defense to consider the consequences of their action of their lives.

I salute New Jersey for taking action and hope other states will strengthen their laws and make clear that days days of being a bully is NOW OVER FOR EVER!

Semper FI.

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