Monday, October 4, 2010

One month to Elections 2010

G'day Everyone.

In just one month, which will be a Tuesday like tomorrow, will be election day. It will be the day our Nation must decide to give another few years to the democrats to lead this nation or permit the Grand Olde Party, the republicans back the power they so deserve to lead this country.

In truth, our nation gave the power of leadership to the Democrats because we were in Anger at Bush and his fellow Republicans. We were angry that John McCain that didn't show more independence than to bow to the likes of President Bush. That was McCain's downfall since he said back then, he wouldn't follow Bush. But step in to the White House where Bush was, McCain, and your opportunity to be the next president just went out the window. Along with Sarah Palin.

But that was years ago now. The anger of our country is on the Democrats for many reasons. Many of the old political guards have been in the office of Congress for far too long. Each of them have been tossed out of their office which sets off an election fight in November. A few of the old guards of Congress people have been kept as people listened to their pleas.

So what will November Election 2010 bring? Hopefully, a new set of congressional people that will bring stability to our nation, curtail our President's spending ways, and get our economic recovery started faster. Yes, it may mean the republicans may be back in power. But maybe more people will take the independence stance and get elected more. Who knows?

Whatever happens this election season, it's time for us to research, investigate, and consider which political people does deserve the office of Congress as well as the state and local offices.

But one thing I need to head off this year. To those who like to joke at me and try to encourage me to run for political office, I need to bow out and say no. There are far better people who preach the hot air job than I do. So, I rather be here and do my blog work.

enjoy the week.
Semper FI.

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