Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gay people hurt, AGAIN.

G'day Everyone.

What's the point of people wanting to hurt, bully, or outing gay people in this life? That's a question of the day.

First, there's a story on the about a Michigan's Attorney General's office that "approves" of an employee of attacking a gay student at a college campus:
and now they're trying to distance themselves from the employee's bullying efforts to stop an openly gay college student from leading a college's student government on a State of Michigan University campus in Ann Arbor.
You know, The Michigan Attorney General's office should have done one thing. Not only to just condemn it, but fire the employee. Just like the NJ Transit authority that fired an employee earlier this month of September for attempting to burn the Muslim book of the Koran in their off-hours. Double standard of free speech? Yes. Both are going to end up in court.
Then, a report comes to me by an eagle eye viewer and shared it with me:
In this one.. a 13 year old kid, just coming out of being gay to his family, got bullied in school in a very bad way. Some one wanted to control his life and made him so fearful, that he shot himself to death. Did the school do anything about it? That's going to be a question for the courts to decide as well. I am sadden for this young man to die so young and so angry that I want this bully to experience what it's like to die too. But hopefully, he will get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and the school be made to pay for it.
My heart broke this morning when I read about this kid, a new college student, in his first year of school.
Two young people decided to play a dreadful idea of outing a gay friend of theirs to the world. They did it in a cruel way that nobody had any idea of what was going on. When this young man discovered the camera and what he found on the Internet, both posted by his roommate, his whole life was already shattered. He ended his life by jumping from a bridge. Rutgers University is still reeling from the events that happened on their campus. The 2 individuals are in seclusion and protection until their court appearances comes up.
What can be done to stop people from hurting Gay people? The truth is to stand up and be clear. We will not tolerate this act of crimes upon the gay community. We must document these crimes and show the court that bullies are unrepentant and represent not only a danger to themselves, but a danger to the society as a whole and must be locked away until they repent of their crimes.
Let's hope that some day, these act of crimes by anti-gay people stop and respect happens for all types of people, no matter what sexual orientation they are. We deserve to be treated as equal citizens and human beings.
Semper FI.

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