Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EMT finally charged.

G'day Everyone.

A few months ago, there has been a lot of discussion over whatever EMTs did try to help a man who needed to get to the hospital as a result of abdominal pain. Yet, unplowed roads and an EMT unwilling to go the extra mile/effort in the snow to check on this poor guy. Right now, that case is in court and hopefully a decision will happen some day.

However, I'm more than happy that TWO EMTs were originally charged for failing to assist a woman who had trouble breathing while they were taking a break. One of the EMTs called their dispatcher for assistance. That is NOT HELP. That is FAILURE TO ASSIST A PERSON IN NEED!


So as the article goes, the two EMTs were suspended from duty pending investigation. As of now, One EMT is dead this past summer. The surviving EMT is left alone to face prosecution.

Seriously enough to say, if you are going to wear an EMT or any type of an emergency personnel uniform, you better be ready to react to emergency situations. It won't matter if you are on break or not. A life needs to be saved.

Let's hope the prosecution of this EMT will put all EMTs on notice that a failure to render aid to a person is a criminal action that will NOT be ignored.

Semper FI.

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