Wednesday, October 13, 2010

hope for the unemployed..IN New Jersey.

G'day Everyone.

Employers are doing their best to ONLY take the best out there. That means taking only the people that they want to have. But then, that's discrimination.

In the last 4 years, they've gotten away with it. New Jersey State Legislature has finally gotten fed up with the rising unemployment rates in their state. So they got a proposal of a bill on deck!


If this law does pass, let's hope it becomes a model for other states as well. The employers must realize that they can't pick and choose, but they must decide on how to employ people, whatever they have good work history or bad work history. People need a job. Employers need to fill jobs. Let's hope reason, not discrimination, makes the day and the difference in the lives of many people.

We all struggle, but now is the time we must find a way for our nation to get our economics straight and right the financial ship to a better position. The time is now. This should be an important issue because in 20 days, we must send a message to all lawmakers: Your job is ON THE LINE OF THE VOTER! Convince us why we should keep you. The new political people should explain why we should replace the incumbents too!

This is a political season in 20 days may very well change the political face of our nation.

Semper FI.

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