Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breaking News: Yehs plead GUILTY!

G'day Everyone!

Breaking news! It was expected to be a trail that involved the Viable owners. It was expected by all accounts that they would fight the U.S. Government tooth and nail and come out innocent. But on the eve of the Gallaudet 2010 homecoming, this information is now coming out.


It was kind of shocking to see them admit their guilt and decide to await the fate of their just punishments. It was very interesting and saving the government the expense of a trial. It seems to me that by admitting their guilt now, they won't get more prison time. But going to trial? They would run the risk more prison time instead.
One defendant is still going for a trial. I believe that one defendant will plead out in hopes of a lesser time.

While the VRS industry is shaken today, it is sad that some of these people involved are Gallaudet Alumni. It hurts our institution on this home coming weekend. It's obviously a bad timing. But don't blame the government. Blame the Yehs for their decision to plead now rather than later.

In the days to come, as all of those involved in the VRS fraud case, the VRS will change and hopefully grow stronger and better.

Justice is served. But the timing of it is ill served.

Semper FI.


RLM said...

Everything faults lies with Anthony Mowl, former Viable employee!

Sherlock Steve said...

RLM: if Anthony Mowl was the ringleader MORE than Yehs and Tropp, then he should be getting more prison time. But you know how quickly those two choose to plead guilty first several months ago after their arrest and now the Yehs didn't have much of a choice.
It will be interesting to see only one defendant, viable, takes the case to trial now. What will the Yehs, Mowl, and Tropp say against them will be interesting.