Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arkansas School Board Anti-gay rant/ Cell phone in 1928?

G'day Everyone.

There's always someone with a mean streak of a rant out there against the gay community. This one is no exception because it appears on Facebook as well.

I'm more than shocked that a school board official would do something like this. Especially when the anti-bully campaigns are going on and suicide awareness is happening. So I hope the Arkansas community will rise up and FIRE this school board member. I hope they will be successful.

Meanwhile: Let's do the time warp again! Someone linked me to a site on

When I saw it, I asked myself a question. Could that have been a mental woman that was just trying to do something different in the movie? OR a real life time traveler? Something like in the Doctor Who (BBC) movies? Who really does know?
Film makers are known to put in sight gags (AKA bloopers) that can be overlooked by people who check the film before it goes into production completely. Just like in the cartoon movies. So this could be just that. A gag that was overlooked and made it into the movie. Some bloopers do happen that way.

Since this movie has been found just before Halloween, let's hope it's a treat rather than a trick. :-)

till next post... SEMPER FI!

Update: It has been reported that the Arkansas School Board member has apologized and is going to resign his position.


But one has to realize that he's only resigning to head off the political and legal implications of his anti-gay remarks. On a political side, he's subject to recall by his local voters and I have no doubt that there will be a special vote on election day to put in his replacement. On the legal side, he may have to face some lawsuits.

Just goes to show that you have to be careful of what you post on the social media sites. Anything more ignorant like this guy was, can create a life changing firestorm. In this case it happened. But those that call for mercy on him may have to wait to see if the firestorm will subside on him. I say, God help this poor fellow from the boonies. Maybe he'll wish he stayed in the mountains more often.


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