Monday, September 27, 2010

Start of Fall 2010

G'day Everyone..

The past few days has been spent going through my emotions that have been through a wash, spin, *heartbreak*, wash, spin, *heartbreak* cycle.

What started all of this was the big thunderstorm that ripped through the Central Penn State areas (including my home area of Williamsport,PA) on last Wednesday September 22nd, 2010 just after 5pm.

I had just come home of a nice out to dinner with a straight friend of mine. I never realize that my world was about to be ripped apart the moment a tree branch had just been hit by lighting and fallen down on the power line near my house. Nobody was hurt, but the power went out for 12 hours.

During that time, I relied on my cell phone text and texted some of my friends. Some friends I got. Nearly all of them didn't get back to me till HOURS later!! But by that time as I sat in the darkness of the night, it felt like to me that nuclear war had struck our nation and most of my friends are dead. It was the worst feeling in life that anyone could have in a black out or in a natural disaster as well. *hint* when your friend needs you to be there for him/her.. you had better be damn there or else: Dropped from the course of life.

I did pray a lot during the blackout. I went through a lot of emotional feelings. I didn't sleep well at night too. It was 4am when my mom woke me to see the power company that finally came by and fixed the power line. They sawed the tree branch off and repaired things. 90 minutes later, as my mom went back to bed, I took care of the house in which various electric appliances needed to be either turned off or adjusted.

But the Internet and cable TV didn't come back on for 12 hours more. So it was still kind of isolation with power. After a few hours of waiting, I had to tie up the phone and call the AOL itself. Getting on-line was slow tech stuff. (compared to broadband). But finally, cable and the 'Internet came back on full power. Nice to have all the creature comforts.

The day after the storm, yard had to be cleaned up a bit and then I went away to visit my boyfriend. The weekend was kind of complicated as he was moody.

As I had come home from my trip, I found out that a person from the Rochester,NY area, (I did not know him), had died in the storm from a heavy falling tree that hit the pick-up truck he was riding in. He and his friend had no time to react. They just instantly died the moment the tree landed. I feel sorry for them. If only they had stopped somewhere safe in that heavy downpour, they would be alive today. Nobody should be driving through a heavy rainstorm at that point.

It is as if the first day of all was a warning of just how brutal Winter 2010 is going to be like this coming season. Who knows? It was the worst first day of all ever to experience.
Though I am late with this post, I am focused on other things in life. Mainly job hunting.

So till next post, I say
Semper FI.

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