Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Asking for PROOF!

G'day Everyone.

Sure there are suckers born every minute out there by people who think they can take advantage of other people. Like recently on Facebook, there has been a hacker that has been stealing accounts and friends on facebook. Importantly, facebook may have to face an inquest from the FBI and State Police Cyber crime investigators some day.

But recently, a person wrote a comment about the photo of a friend of mine that I knew a long time ago.
That person also said he knows me as well. So I shot back an email at that person. I asked two things: One SHOW ME PROOF that the friend in the photo is really dead. I wanted to know for real. Second: I asked for specifics of HOW he knows me from college long ago.

You know, people CAN BE cruel out there in the social media world. But to be cruel and say a friend of mine of long ago died and then I find out that HE IS NOT DEAD? NO! That is MORALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

Nobody should be that cruel! To say a friend died and then I find out that's not true. If it happens, to be that way, I would most likely de-friend that person and block all connections. It's unforgivable.

If you know some one's friend died, be prepared to show proof. Just don't take it as a rumor. Because, to share info about some one's death can be have an emotional impact upon everyone that knows that person.

This year, I've known people gone to prison. This year, I've known people died as well.

Just be aware that there are CRUEL PEOPLE in the social media world. Because if someone says something about some one's situation, demand proof about it. If that person won't say it or provide it, ask your friends. They will know who to find out and contact for proof. It takes teamwork to defeat one or more cruel people. The teamwork is your true friends that will band to help you.

Teamwork and proof go together!

Semper FI!

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