Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drunk Driver tries to play deaf, Police not fooled.

G'day Everyone.

There's a bit of information out there for the police. If they were to learn sign language on their own, they can do their job better.

Read this link:

A drunk driver was pulled over by the police. He knows he's in trouble. So he tries to fake disability, A DEAF disability! The guy has admitted that he's been let go so many times by using "the Deaf card". Well, the poor guy pressed his luck too far and came up against a Police officer THAT KNOWS SIGN LANGUAGE! He knew his freedom was over.

I wish and pray for more police officers to learn ASL more often. They can bust more drunk drivers better. Playing a deaf card? shame on them.

I salute the police officer that knows ASL!

Semper FI.

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