Monday, September 13, 2010

Sherlock's Computer.. HOSTAGE!

G'day Everyone.

Ever wake up to your computer in the morning and hope to find it running nicely? As you are used to see?

Well, that got shattered for me. The best firewall and the best anti-virus I have, on a recently built system by Dell inc., got hit by a bug.

Unfortunately, it just wasn't any virus bug or malware bug..


*shocked* You say: "Are you kidding, Sherlock Steve?".

Not this time! Important as this morning was to me, I missed a lot of things that I was to do
on the computer of all days and those things will take time to be rescheduled.
But this "bug" that is called a RANSOMWARE!. This is a type of program that will literally hit your your computer and HOLD IT HOSTAGE against you. Kind of like : "Pay us or kiss your dear hard drive GOOD BYE!"

"Hostage you say? pfffttt..! That'll never happen to me!" you say.

You try going into your computer with every known trick in the world you learn in the computer field.
What happens is this: the program is designed to mimic a "REAL ANTI-VIRUS" program and say your computer is infected with several different files. What it's actually doing is loading up your computer with those bugs and all the while, it prevents the following:

You can't use your update status of your anti-virus program, you can't use your add or remove programs (it's in there. it doesn't want you to use it). You can't use your Internet explorer. You can't do anything on your computer at all. Your anti-virus will run and say your computer is "clean", but it's really being tricked by this program.

The ransomware will only let you on AIM and Yahoo in a limited way and then block you and say "PAY UP FOR THE ANTI_VIRUS KIT NOW!". At the same time, it continues to say "you are being attacked by..*specific virus bot*.
What it's doing is, as long as you don't pay.. it will continue to load every bit of spy ware, malware, and virus stuff to insure that either you pay up or you can pay a BIG, BIG FEE at your local computer store to fix your computer systems. (that's what the programmer hopes for).

NOT THIS TIME! I reached out to my tech-brother, Robert Goodwin, in a very frantic way because it did look like my systems were going to crash that day. I described to Robert of what I was seeing and then he told me that it was a RANSOMWARE! I never heard of it before in my life. But here it was and I was experience of it.
It was ugly nasty stuff. It's a real PAIN-IN-THE-ASS type of a day.

Once I got into SAFE MODE after the bios booted up, I threw myself into adminstrator mode (which is always a best thing to do. Keep the admin mode fresh while you use your own user file for other things). The admin mode was fresh as a daisy. *NOT INFECTED* (and I intend to keep it that way). It allowed me access to the 'net.. to the AIM, Yahaoo, control panel, to add/remove programs. THAT WAS SWEET!

Robert then sent me a link that's where it had instructions to REMOVE THIS SON OF A BITCH OF RANSOMWARE!

You do have to follow the instruction while in SAFE mode. Follow them exactly as possible.

Once you get the RANSOMWARE gone.. expect a few things gone. but you have to run spybot and malware programs to make sure your computer is CLEAN of future bugs.

So once in a while, not only just update your microsoft program, but your anti-virus (I recommend NORTON because I'm dumping McAfee soon), update and run your malware search and destroy, update and run spybot search and destroy as well.

For further info, Go to and he will tell you details on his end of how he helped me today.

After I followed with the instructions that Robert said, I can really say my systems are back and running.
and of course, that poor company in England is soon going to be in trouble for what they do! Messing with us, Robert and Steve.. the tech boys. They're in TROUBLE now! >8-)

Semper FI!

Links and files to use:

Here's more on Security Suite Antivirus and how it's a scam:

How to remove and uninstall the Security Suite Anti-virus program:

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