Monday, September 20, 2010

Bitter laugh / NTID's 3 finalists.

G'day Everyone.

Ever look on the AOL news this morning and have a bitter laugh? Want one? Here it is: Link:

If these "experts" from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) claims the recession ended in June 2009, they had better up their office security. I am sure a lot of people would love to storm NBER offices and tell them that recession hasn't ended....YET! Since December 2007, the recession that started near the end of President Bush's term in office, it is on-going and President Obama has been trying his best to deal with it. so far, Obama does not have any success at all. With the mid-term political elections in nearly one and a half months from now, there are no promises that Obama will get our economics running.

So my message is to those "experts" in the NBER office to do themselves a favor: Quit your job and then see if you can take another job out there. I promise you this: You will wind up like everyone else is in right now. Good luck!

Meanwhile: The eyes of the Deaf Community are now on the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in which they have recently announced 3 final candidates for the position of NTID President. Links:
Let us hope that NTID will continue this process carefully and securely. Let's hope that RIT Board of Trustees are watching the NTID Board of Trustees act honestly and faithfully and prevent any screw ups like the Gallaudet Board of Trustees in what they did of not taking "NO" for an answer from Dr. Alan Hurwitz and then pulling him away from NTID before Dr. Hurwitz ever had a chance to leave NTID peacefully and on his own terms.
In these 3 candidates to come at NTID, one question should be asked: "Did you choose to apply for the position of President of NTID for yourself and by yourself OR were you approached by NTID Board of Trustees ? Answer that HONESTLY!".
NTID must learn the lessons of what happened at Gallaudet University. They must conduct this Presidential search faithfully and transparent. If they do this well, they should come out with a honest president to help secure NTID's future. This is important now.
Best Wishes to the NTID Presidential Search Committee!
Semper FI!

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