Sunday, September 12, 2010

28 Deaf People arrested in a year.

G'day Everyone.

2010 is turning into the year that many well known deaf people are getting arrested and going through the court system.
Late last year, it started with the VRS Scam that has 26 people arrest Link:
I thought that wouldn't get any more worse by the time 2010 hit.

Then, in April 2010 Micah Brown was arrested and pleaded guilty. How much of a prison sentence that he's been given? I don't know.

Presently, it's Ridor. It's quite clear that something happened to him. But for what reasons? I can only say I have sympathy for him despite all the crap and shit that he's hurt the entire deaf community and their allies. But my hope is that Ridor will learn some humble things in his jail cell. If he learns it, will he change the way he behaves or not? I can't say for him.

In all, 28 deaf people from all walks of life are running through the court systems right now. A true test of ADA laws, interpreters, and note takers. I don't like it. Nobody likes it.

But one message is clear to say for this post. I want the rest of 2010 to be FREE of Deaf people being arrested, at least anyone that we know of. (knock on wood).

As far as all court cases go at the present: Innocent until proven guilty or conviction.

semper FI.


Mike said...

We don't know from that list that all of the names mentioned are people who are Deaf. They could very well be hearing unless you have solid evidence that 26 people arrested are indeed Deaf.

Jim said...

I occurred that I don't want to
see anymore deaf people arrested
for the rest of this year.