Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ridor in Jail? YES HE IS!

G'day Everyone.

Has the past misdeeds of Ricky Taylor, aka Ridor9th, caught up to him? Apparently it has.
A blogger has reported that Ricky Taylor is in jail. Link:

The question is: How serious? While I don't have that info of why he's in jail, I did some surfing on the 'net.
Interesting facts have been found: is gone from the blog world. The site has been dismantled. If you try to look for, you'll get info on anti-virus stuff. Interesting!

Another ridor web page:, was suppose to be his grand entrance back into the deaf blog world with the resurrection of . Upon searching this countdown to resurrection site, it seems ridor fell off the blog world for ONE YEAR already. Which suggests something seriously happened that forced him to lay low from the blogsphere. But you know, he was really excited before that was going to come back. Even I looked for it. Sadly, just no appearance.

But oh.. one curious moment as I looked through his countdown to resurrection site a little more closely and guess what? when he listed his youtube account:
I found out his last posting on it was a week ago! Interesting, is it not? So something happened a week ago.

But going back to his countdown to resurrection blog area, I noticed his twitter account:
The information on that shows he last posted on on August 30th. 12 days ago. From what my sources tell me that Ridor never misses to twitter once a day. So why the absence of a twitter and yet, a youtube post a week ago?

Closely look at his account and you see yet another blog link of his. Link:

Upon reaching his account and surf it through, I find no other further links to ridor.
But interestingly, his last post on that was April 2009.

Even if you go to: the only connecting blog to ridor is his site. it doesn't list any of the other previous sites that listed here of a connection to ridor.

So what do I do? Warm up one little search engine. I used BING. Enter: Ricky Taylor.
Now there's a lot of info on Ricky Taylor (s) out there. But use Ricky Taylor Deaf and it'll get specific. Listing his other blogs and his youtube videos.

One interesting link led me to Robert Mason's post: Link: In it, he says Ridor has a NEW blog! As I looked around Mason's site, I find the link: This site is suppose to be ridor's new blog. I click on that and I get the message:
The site has been SUSPENDED!

So what's happened to Ridor? Nobody knows. Nobody isn't saying anything.
I looked into The Washington Post site ( and the Examiner (

Then just before pressing publishing button on my blog, my sources told me of this blog site:
in it, he publishes about Ricky Taylor and comes to his defense of a innocent until proven guilty. Only one problem: I had a hard time searching That is until my crack team of Watsons helped me.

We GOT THE INFO! If you do go to site:, enter Taylor then Ricky. You will see the mugshot photo.

I was very tempted to pull a mugshot photo out of the site. Just like someone did to Micah Brown. But I rather not. Just like DeafAnthology says, Ridor must be presumed INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY.

So it's in hopes that Ridor will have a good lawyer, interpreter, and listen to some good legal advice for himself.

In truth of it all, Ridor may have made many enemies out there in the blog world, but just to say when he wished bad karma on almost anyone he has griped and complained out there (and perhaps some too much as he always keeps doing that), karma can come back and bite his own sorry ass. Looks like Karma ripped a big part of his ass. Ridor's ass that is. I, for one, wished that this situation did not happen to Ridor at all. I say this despite the fact Ridor has been my own nemesis in the blog world. I can only look upon Ridor with sadness.

So until we get some public news releases on Ridor, I should remind my readers this: Ridor aka Ricky Taylor is innocent until proven guilty in court.

So thanks to my watson team the helped me today. We did a great job in research today.

Semper FI!

Update: While it got all started with: blog, Then: weighed in as well.

Recently: Mike McConnell wrote:

I'm very sure the Taylor family is reacting to Ricky Taylor's arrest lately. But give the news agencies time to catch up and report what is going on. Remember, Ricky Taylor is innocent until proven guilty!

Update #2: I decided to go back to Mike McConnell's blog for further investigation. I decided I needed to look at a specific youtube clip that he had posted on there. And here it is:


This person explains WHY Ricky Taylor is in jail for! I ask that you do not attack this person. He has merely given out the info of why this is happening. The effect of the news is SHOCKING. Even to know that Ricky Taylor has been arrested before! I was SHOCKED.

This is bad on Ricky Taylor. Just to see him offending a lot of people with his blog and vlog and now to see him stooping low to steal something he needed or wanted? That's bad. He's no more a deaf militant. He's a thief.
So if he ends up in jail for a while, the blog and vlog world will breath a bit easier now.

May Justice prevail on Ricky Taylor!


theHolism said...

Naturally. He's innocent until proven guilty. Thank you for the reminder. I'll also point something out regarding my blog. It was not about Ridor being arrested. It was more about double standard on Kalalau's part. Just wanted to go on the record here. Whatever really happened to Ridor, I could care less.


Jim said...

I was shocked to learn that
Ridor got arrest. He is 36 years
old and it seems in my opinion
that he never learned to respect
other people in blogs or on the
internet. The more he prosecute
and tries to put down on the
internet, the more damage he did
to himselves than others. I think
he wasted a lot of valuable time
doing that. I do hope he learns
a value lesson in Jail and learned
not to do what he was doing on
the internet. I do wish him luck
in court.

Sherlock Steve said...

On a personal note to Hedy:
I never said I hated Ricky Taylor. But what I didn't like was his gay militant ways and bashing many of the deaf, the hearing, and the police department by using many of his techniques and tatics. He's ranted and raved on his blogs and vlogs so much, people were afraid not only of ricky himself, but what someone might actually do to Ricky Taylor himself.
Now that something has happened to Ricky, I only look upon with sympathy for him.
Perhaps, Hedor, this is the break he needs for himself. Granted, we needed the break from him.

But now, someone else has stepped in to replace ridor. Hopefully not another gay militant wannabe!