Friday, July 25, 2008

Tom Neville ON TOUR!!

G'day Everyone!

I'm shocked. I just did a little web surfing and was wandering over to the asl expo site: They're on a break until September 2008. So I was looking at the site until something caught my eye.

THE TOM NEVILLE SHOW?!?!?! Something told me that this is going to be big. I clicked on the advertisement and lo and behold : . Dive into that site. Everything you wanted to know about funny man Tom Neville is there!! I looked at the tour dates and he is ONE BUSY MAN!! I wonder if his airline mileage card will get a work out? No matter how he travels, it is going to be worth seeing this man on stage and watching him perform very well!

How does Tom Neville stack up to CJ Jones that I saw at the NTID Reunion? Hummm.. To be honest I'd like to see a Tom Neville vs CJ Jones show. That would be very interesting match up.

So if you live in an area of Tom Neville's tour schedule, I suggest you mark it on your calender, make it a night out with your friends or your date, and GO watch his show. You'll have a very happy and laughing evening.

Tom, May you have good fortune on your tour! Wishing you the best!

Semper FI!

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