Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight (review)

G'day Everyone!

If there's open captions for the movie "The Dark Knight", I will tell you something.
First, GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE THE MOVIE!! The movie is nearly 3 hours long! You'll want to do this very much because it's kind of a long EPIC movie to see.

Now, I went last night to the theater and managed to pick a "light crowd" for the 9:45pm show. How lucky do I get? Very! I was shocked to know that they were showing an unedited LONG show. How nice of a timing do I get?

The movie is dark, violent, and at times, scary. This is NOT a movie for the younger kids or the faint of heart to see. It should be rated R or better yet NC-17. The younger kids do see other versions of Batman, but this one was too much. Especially for one poor kid who left crying and screaming 3/4th of the way of the movie.

In all his glory, Heath Ledger was playing his part of the joker to the extreme hilt. He was deadly. A maniac. A very disturbed man who looked like he was well on his way to hell. He could have been killed off (as Jack Nicholson was in another batman movie). I'd nominate an oscar for his performance very much.

Scarecrow is in the movie. Harvey Dent is well played by a guy who looks very much like Robert Redford. How he becomes Two-Face, you'd have to see for yourself! He's more scary than the joker is and demented as well.

I'm not going to tell you the main plots of the movie. It's still too new out there. But, as I will say this: HANG ON TO YOUR SEAT!! Because as scary and violent this movie is, I will advise again, DON'T BRING KIDS TO THIS MOVIE. No matter how much kids do pleads, wait for the DVD next year.

One last thing: Coming in Summer 2009.. T4. Yep. You guessed it. Another Terminator movie. But this T4 is the end of the Terminator series. T4: "TERMINATOR SALVATION". The fight for the earth's final battle in the robotic wars begins. wow.

And.. Another BOND movie is coming out this fall as well. It picks up where Casino Royale left off. Whoa. Bond is Bond but he's way angry. DUCK!

So that's what I understand of. If anyone knows where "The Dark Knight" is playing with open captions, please post in the comments.

Semper FI!

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